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Yard cleaning

Yard cleaning Maintaining / cleaning the yard of a private house or cottage is one of the necessary processes. A clean and tidy yard emphasizes your aesthetic side, first you see the yard, then the house and then you meet people, which is why it is necessary to take care of the environment and arrange […]
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Washing of pillows, blankets, bedspreads and Roman curtains

Washing of pillows, blankets, bedspreads and Roman curtains Cleaning company tsmenda.ge offers a service for washing pillows, blankets, covers and Roman blinds. Give your textiles a new look. You will not have to transport textiles. Our company representatives will take your pillows, blankets, covers and blinds, wash them in accordance with the standards and bring […]
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Spring-cleaning 1. The floor and carpet cleaning 2. The plinths are cleaned 3. Dust is taken from the windows and chandelier 4. Local cleaning of walls from dirt – if the wall covering allows 5. Clean windows, window sills, glass and frames 6. Dust is taken from the cornices 7. Dust is removed from the […]
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