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Post-repair cleaning

Post-repair cleaning

When you start thinking about repairs, you often forget about the big problem after the repair, but this process is one of the most important, tiring and noteworthy. When you already think that you have finished everything, you say goodbye to the people working on the renovation, you avoid it, you close the door and go back, you see that your newly renovated apartment needs to be tidied up.

Right now, stop thinking about where to start sorting, just log on to tsmenda.ge, contact our professional team and they will solve your problem!

1. Removing dust from construction and repairs from walls and ceilings

2. Cement, plaster, etc. Stain removal

3. Remove dried glue and construction tape from windows, mirrors and furniture

4. Cleaning stained areas with paint (from the floor, window sills)

5. Removal of small construction waste and garbage from the apartment – not more than 10 kg

6. Putting garbage in sacks (we do not have garbage car, it will need to be taken out, a separate machine, which is added to the price accordingly)

– In case of long-term contract service, a discount is applied, the company sets a schedule, determines the number of staff and fees.

Custom-made different types of cleaning products are made in Turkey, such as:

– Dishwashing liquid
– Liquid hand soap
– Floor cleaning fluid
– Universal solution for removing grease and various types of dirt.

tsmenda.ge offers free courier service to any organization and individual customers.

If you use any of our company’s services, you will receive the above cleaning products as a gift.

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