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Yard cleaning

Yard cleaning

Maintaining / cleaning the yard of a private house or cottage is one of the necessary processes. A clean and tidy yard emphasizes your aesthetic side, first you see the yard, then the house and then you meet people, which is why it is necessary to take care of the environment and arrange it.

Private homeowners will agree that arranging and cleaning a yard is a daunting task. Forget the routine process, do not worry if your yard looks improper. Contact us and our company’s professional team will help you clean your yard.

1. Cleaning the yard covered with marble or tiles with a broom and water or using special cleaning agents;

2. Cleaning of asphalt yard, garbage removal;

3. Collect the leaves dropped in the grass / lawn yard with a special “hoe” or vacuum cleaner;

4. Take out the trash from the yard

– In case of long-term contract service, a discount is applied, the company sets a schedule, determines the number of staff and fees.

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